Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm convinced Jamaica has gone mad

So the last few months I have been watching prices go up, the crime rate go up, jobs go down and the quality of life for the masses in Jamaica go down. Yet the current government has has done the following in the last few months re crime:

To remove the tint (yes tint) from buses and taxis:

Regulating how bartenders dress:

Ignore an extradition order for the biggest drug don in Jamaica (while signing others) oh and btw the way in the meanwhile he got Millions ($100 M to be exact) of dollars in contracts awarded to him:

Change your Minister of Security from a former Colonel in the Army to a former Senator who was a Minister w/out Portfolio in FINANCE

Okay there's much more like spending pension funds of buying and refurbishing a house for your minister of transportation or spending almost US$1,000 on a chair for your minister of tourism or cutting back on travel expenditures but yet still your minister of sports/culture trampoozes in South Africa & your minister of Tourism in Asia somewhere....

Oh yea or spend millions upon millions on re-welcoming our athletes in yet another Homecoming while we raise our GCT (General Consumption Tax) on basic items including upping it from 16.5% to 25% on phone calls and phone credit.....not to mention pumping millions into a failing airline (Air Jamaica) that doesn't even depart nor arrive on time!!

What are we doing? Doesn't anyone realise this is our money? the money taken from our pay cheques each month or the tax we pay daily on items we buy? bills we pay?

WTF? I am outraged that this goes on and on and on and we don't stand up as a people. We don't get angry enough to say STOP! No more! What are we doing about education? Giving these poor uneducated youth opportunities to better themselves? Vocations? Skills? Something? Anything?

The talent that is in Jamaica is amazing!!!! Beyond the music, beyond the beaches...walk into any lane and you'll see for yourself. Hairs, eyebrows, previous training. They can make a wig with some hair & a stocking cap, thread your eyebrows into perfection and give you a mani/pedi like they hailed from Vietnam (seriously). The designs they do on your nails are unbelievable. And guess what it's not just women providing these's both men and women

Why wouldn't we push this....give them the support they need/deserve? Fix up these lanes so that people are not just more aware of the services but are not hesitant to go there? Why not encourage the talent that is already here?

Teach a man to fish for Heaven's sake.....

I am lost! I am tired! I am hopeless! We're a resilient and talented people but....if no one nurtures it does it even matter?


  1. bravo tara .. i will be posting this to my facebook account. Ive said this 2 many times .. its insane that we as a people have not realized that we are in power...

  2. You nailed that right. Priorities are skewed and screwed eh?

  3. This is great Tara! Keep it coming...

  4. oh ooh! I'm sure to make some more enemies! But it got me thinking, was independence a smart move? I mean, the people with the power in Jamaica simply took over from the English and became more ruthless in terms of selfishness and corruption.

    Hey, I'm sure the English did there fair share of robbery in the colonies, but at least they had some sort of conscience and also built school wherever they went.

    I just find that our people have no real concept of ethics, government or sacrifice for the greater good.

    I know the IMF etc. screwing us over big time, but there should be IMPROVEMENT as time goes by. Not further and further decline. It's called the human will!

    Just my thoughts....

  5. So true Tara but it start here if it takes writing you politicians or going to public meetings something has to be done. Can't scream in a forest and expect to be heard